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When you leave Rhodes airport you should turn left at the airport road exit and within a few hundred metres there is a new road to the right signposted to Lindos which cuts across the Island.

After about 20km you will come to the east coast road where you turn right. If you miss the new road which cuts out the trip through Rhodes town then keep going through Rhodes town and follow the signs to Lindos which will bring you to the east coast road. This will only add about 20 minutes onto your journey. Whichever route you take to the east coast road keep on it heading south and 2km before you get into Lindos there will be a turning to your right marked for Lardos and Kattavia immediately after a big supermarket. Take this turn and the road will keep going past a turnoff for Lardos, then through Gennadi. The turn off to Lahania or Lachania as it is often known, is about 10k after you go through Gennadi. There is an earlier turnoff to Lahania about 5km after Gennadi but this is an old unsurfaced road and is a very confusing and dusty route. If you find yourself in Katavia you have missed the Lahania turnoff and gone too far! Take the Lahania road up for 2 Kilometres where the metalled road will turn left into the top of the village and you will see a road to the right. Turn left and after about 50 metres you will see a sign on your left for the Platanos.

Follow this down for half a kilometre where you will be able to park to the right of the big tree in front of the low wall around the church. If you can avoid taking the space nearest to the tree then you will please our café owners who like to be able to unload their pickup as near to the café as possible. All the roads within the village are narrow so take care as you go up and down. If you hire a small car and can get through tight spaces then it is possible to drive to the house past the house of English John. This is the house with lots of scrapes on the wall.

Our house is number 79. Standing in front of the big Platanos tree looking up the hill you will see three main paths. Take the middle path for 50 metres, turn left for 2 metres and then continue up the hill 10 metres through a path to the left. Follow this path round to the right for another 20 metres and you should then be in front of our gate.